Homemade Cookies

Chocolate Chip  $17dz

Traditional vanilla and chocolate flavors

Cream Cheese  $17dz

Crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside

Tom’s Bites  $8dz

Peanut butter, chocolate & oatmeal “no bake” cookies

Snickerdoodle  $17dz

Cinnamon sugar & vanilla cookies

Krinkles  $17dz

Almond flavored powdered sugar cookies

Iced Sugar Cookies  $20dz

Vanilla sugar cookies with almond buttercream frosting

Snowballs  $17dz

Roasted walnut cookies rolled in powdered sugar

Hawaiian Delight  $17dz

Chocolate Chips, roasted walnuts & shaved coconut

Peanut Butter Cup  $17dz

Chocolate PB cups inside peanut butter cookies

Triple Chocolate  $17dz

Chocolate chips, dark cocoa powder & chocolate pieces 

Nutella Cookies  $17dz

Chocolate hazelnut sprinkled with powdered sugar

Maple Walnut Cookies $17dz

Roasted walnuts with maple syrup butter cookies

Unicorn Cookies  $17dz

Sugar cookie with rainbow sprinkles dusted with powdered sugar

All cookies must be ordered by the dozen

Please allow two days to complete your order